News & Events

  • Biomedical Picture of the Day

    Our work with Dr. Janna Nawroth and Dr. Margaret McFall-Ngai was chosen as the Biomedical Picture of the Day; see Squid Ring

  • Vibrio goes with the flow

    Hanliang’s work is featured by Lab Animal of Nature Research Vibrio goes with the flow

  • Cilia: `The Bouncer’ of bacteria

    Hanliang’s work is featured by USC on Eurekalert Cilia: ‘The bouncer’ of bacteria

  • PNAS In This Issue

    Hanliang’s paper with co-lead authors Janna Nawroth of Emulate Inc on motile cilia is highlighted in PNAS In This Issue

  • Congratulations to Sarine

    Congratulations to Sarine on defending her thesis!

  • SoCal Fluids Presentations in UCSD

    Our group presented 11 presentations on SoCal Fluids XI this year! Great work everyone!

  • Yangyang receives AME Best Dissertation Award

    Congratulations to Yangyang for being selected for AME Best Dissertation Award!

  • Hanliang receives AME Best Research Assistant Award

    Congratulations to Hanliang for being selected for AME Best Research Assistant Award! He’s also the recipient of the “Outstanding Self-financed Student Abroad Award” from Chinese Government.

  • Kanso receives NSF INSPIRE grant

    Kanso receives $1M NSF grant to study the association of bacterial cells with ciliated epithelia, in collaboration with Professors Scott Fraser of USC and Margaret McFall-Ngai and Edward Ruby of University of Hawaii at Manao

  • Kanso receives ONR BRC grant

    Kanso receives a $2M grant to study bioinspired underwater manipulation. The Kanso-led team includes Professors Mitul Luhar of USC,  Matthew McHenry of UCI, as well as Sheng Cai and Mike Tolley of UCSD.

  • Congratulations to Brendan and Try

    Congratulations to Brendan Colvert and Try Lam for passing their qualifying exams

  • Congratulations to Yangyang and Hanliang

    Congratulations to Yangyang Huang and Hanliang Guo on defending their thesis!

  • Congratulations to Alan Tsang

    Alan Tsang graduated and is now a post-doctoral scholar in the group Reidel-Kruse at Stanford University. Best of luck Alan!

  • Hilina Gudeta is a WiSE Undergraduate Fellow

    Hilina Gudeta receives a WiSE Undergraduate Fellowship for summer research

  • Min Zheng presents her work on tumbling leaves

    Min Zheng presents her work on tumbling leaves at the 18th Annual Undergraduate Symposium for Scholarly and Creative Work

  • Alan’s work featured on PRL cover

    Congratulations Alan!

    “Groups of confined microswimmers in rectangular microchannels exhibiting density shock waves. Blue arrows show the direction of velocity of the medium. Back (top image), suppressed (middle image) and forward (bottom image) shocks are formed, dependent on the velocity of the medium and the swimmers’ motility properties. Alan C.H. Tsang and Eva Kanso, Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 048101 (2016).”


  • UNESCO-sponsored summer school at ICTP

    Kanso and Lam organized research and professional development workshops at the Hands-on summer school at the Abdul Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy in Jun-Jul 2015. The summer school hosts over 60 scientists at various stages of their career from the developing world and is funded by the UNESCO.


  • Alan Tsang receives the 2015 AME Excellence in Research Award

    Congratulations Alan on a very well-deserved honor!

  • Brendan Colvert receives an NDSEG Fellowship

    Brendan Colvert is the recipient of the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship. This highly competitive fellowship is awarded to select american citizens and nationals to aid them in the pursuit of a doctoral degree in the fields of science and technology. Congratulations Brendan on this very well-deserved honor!

  • Anthony Medrano receives a GEM fellowship

    Anthony Medrano received a GEM Fellowship. GEM recruits high quality underrepresented students looking to pursue graduate degrees in applied science and engineering. Congratulations Anthony on this well-deserved honor!

  • Sarine Babikian passes her qualifying exam

    Way to go Sarine! Congratulations!

  • Min receives WiSE Award

    Min Zheng receives a 2015/2016 WiSE Undergraduate Research Experience Award. Congratulations Min!

  • Yangyang Huang passes her qualifying exam

    The exam committee praised Yangyang for a very clear and elegant presentation. Congratulations Yangyang!

  • Hanliang Guo passes his qualifying exam

    Congratulations Hanliang!

  • Spotlight on AME

    A total of 370 students (K-12) from around Los Angeles visited our lab on Oct 23, 2014 to learn about motion in fluids during the Spotlight on AME event! The kids played with oobleck (cornstarch + water), learned about high-speed imaging and parametrically-excited fluids. Everyone had a blast!

    IMG_7291 IMG_2954

    IMG_2908 IMG_2905

  • NSF Research Grant

    Kanso receives a research grant from NSF (the National Science Foundation) in July 2014

  • ONR Research Grant

    Kanso receives a research grant from ONR (Office of Naval Research) in June 2014

  • Young Distinguished Alumnus Award

    Kanso receives Young Distinguished Alumnus Award from the American University of Beirut

  • SoCal Fluids VIII (April 12, 2014)

    Kanso’s team presents at SoCal Fluids VIII. We celebrated the day in a group dinner


  • Lionel Vincent

    Dr. Lionel Vincent joins our group as a postdoctoral scholar in January 2014

  • ‘Funny Fluids!’ at USC MESA Day (Nov 9, 2013)

    My team met with high-school students during their visit to USC on MESA day and talked to them about fluid behavior and more…


    20131109_102231   20131109_110722

  • Alan Tsang passes his qualifying exam on Dec 2, 2013. Congratulations Alan!

  • So Cal Fluids VII

    My group presents at So Cal Fluids VII

  • IUTAM Japan

  • Yangyang, Hanliang and Alan pass their screening exam

  • Dr. Yang Ding joins our group